Today we live in a society developed and conditioned by the media, where our perceptions, desires and thoughts are suitably, and continuously trained to consume.

Events, culture and news exist only whilst the media decides them worthy of coverage, discouraging any notion of relevance to our every day. The frenzied distribution of lifestyles and entertainment continues apace, feeding this media circus.

Visual communication as the mediator between commerce and consumer has become increasingly tied into the corporate system. Content to enhance the cult of the commodity, it provides the gloss and the consumer drive for this fraud to continue.

The media is now so enveloping and interconnected that individual subversions are rarely noticed.

The role of the public in this process is too often ignored and their interests overlooked. By questioning the various forms the media uses, aware of the likely consequences, and intervening to create a more informed message, a platform must be created for serious challenge. This poster hopes to incite a debate - it is being posted to 300 designers/activists, your responses will form the next poster.

- To what extent are political gestures in visual culture watered down, recuperated and sold back to us, can this be avoided?
- Does exposing the methods of the commodified media give us a better chance at the democratic control of our daily lives?
- Should we be developing a politics of design or be redesigning our politics?

- Are there other ongoing debates that we can learn from?
- Can we intervene into the corporate culture to undermine their position?

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th poster continue the dialogue.