All projects are non-profit making and back issues are now available as swaps perferably or cash to keep them running.

Send order to:

tony (at)

glenn (at) 

Postage and packaging varies.

Cactus magazine - the following issues are available:
[issues 01-13 came out as packs, 150 of each produced]
issue 12 (noise) £30
issue 13 (do-it-yourself) £30
[issues 14-16 came out as magazines, 500 of each produced]
issue 14 (playtime) £10
issue 15 (parasite) £10
issue 16 (catapult) £10

Feeding squirrels to the nuts - all issues available:
Issue 1 - (reactive) £10
Issue 2 - (beyond media) £10
Issue 3 - (boundaries) £10
Or all three issues for combined price: £25

Debate project - posters available:
6 Silkscreened posters with debate on back: £15

Carrion Culture:
Issue no. 4 - A book made up of 10 booklets
including a manifesto & history of the project: [All gone]

We Are everywhere:
The irresistible rise of global anticapitalism
532 pages, edited by Notes from Nowhere collective [£15]
Also Available in German / Italian / Greek
- and soon in Spanish, French, and Sebo-croat.

Ripped Torn and Cut:
Pop Politics and Punk Fanzines from 1976
The Subcultures Network [£20]


Texts, PDF's and downloads: (more to come)

Desire for Change:
Women on the frontline of global resistance.

A collection of interviews with women, recorded in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It covers women's involvement in a broad range of struggles: from culture-jaming in Australia, to coca-growing trade unions in Bolivia, autonomous land settlers in Brazil to radical environmentalists from the Ukraine. [All gone]

Notes from Everywhere
A taster booklet to We Are Everywhere: the irresistible rise of global anticapitalism (published by Verso, 2003) No more copies of this are available but the stories from it can be found here. You can also download the whole booklet in Adobe PDF format for reading offline or printing at home. Click on the booklet left (5 mbs so will take a while esp. with dial-up connections.)
[All gone]

Que Se Vayan Todos: Argentina's Popular Rebellion. Part 1 and 2.
An eyewitness account of the financial meltdown and ongoing grassroots rebellion. A NEW edition, with an update, 16 page tabloid size publication, complete with fantastic full page images of the popular rebellion in Argentina. If you would like copies write to - stating how many you would like, and your address. Or to download the text click left. [All gone]

"We Are Everywhere - the irresistible rise of global anti-capitalism"
The book is available as pdf's on the website:
To order the book when it is out - send us your details: tony (at)
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