"Feeding squirrels to the nuts" is a magazine consisting of ten posters produced by a forum of international designers and critics. A3 in size based on a theme, the box set of two colour posters provide an opportunity to view work from new designers.

Resisting any attempt to edit the work sent in, we concentrated on the collaboration aspect of the project and encouraged current issues of debate concerning communication and society.

Back issues are available - and although we are happy to give them away or preferably swap with something interesting, we must ask for something towards postage
[a rough guide - £1 in Europe £2.50 rest of world]

The three issues out so far:

Reactive media: issue 1 (1995) Showcases contemporary work from Berlin (Cyan), Gent (Cloaca Maxima), London (Tat & Whimsey, Melisa Price, Cactus), Mainz (co-op design), New York (Coloured hard), Portsmouth (Ian Noble) and Munchen (Cactus). With writing from Michele-Anne Dauppe and Teal Triggs.

Beyond Media: issue 2 (1997) With designs from New York (Ryan McGinness), Barcelona (Grrr), St Etienne (Stamp), London (WD+RU, Cactus, Karen Eliot, Graphic Thought Facility, Luther Blissett, Paul Anderson) Paris (Utopia), Berlin (Marion Burbulla). With writing from Teal Triggs and Cees Hamelink.

Boundaries: issue 3 (1999) This recent set has been designed by participants of the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. With writing by Jan van Toorn, Paul Elliman, Andrew Blauvelt, Jean Fisher, Sylvie Toux, John Bird, Cees Hamelink, Teal Triggs, Paul Newson and Micheal Rock.

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